You will never have to soak hay Again 

  to remove the high sugar !

Top foda is totally focused on quality pasture horse hay for the equine industry.

With almost 70 years in the industry and based in the beautiful valleys close to Mt Buller and 5km from Mansfield, Top Foda have the expertise to produce quality hay. We are currently the only hay growers with the knowledge, understanding and technology that test all our hay from paddock to horse. You can be confident knowing exactly what your horse is eating (and what it's not ! ) when you buy Top Foda Hay.

Our hay is stored in new sheds using cutting edge storage techniques so our hay is fresh, clean and toxin free.

Tetraploid & Perennial Ryegrass, Ryegrass/Clover, Ryegrass/Pasture, Orchard Grass and Brome Grass  Hay lots are available.


Low Sugar, Medium and High  Hay Lots are available depending on your horses level of fitness and activity.


Our " Low Sugar  and  Diet Sugar "  Hay Lots are very popular for horses with Laminitis, Founder and Insulin Resistance issues.   


Top Foda sells its Hay via Retailers and Distributors in over 30 locations throughout Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT.


Two of our new hay sheds hold 100,000 bales of small square hay bales.

They are fully enclosed to protect the hay from the weather i.e. sun bleach & rain.

Our hay is carted off the paddock once baled and straight into the sheds.

Top Foda Prides it self on the quality of its hay and as stated above all our hay is Feed & Mineral Tested so you know exactly what you are feeding your horse.

Top Foda Sponsored rider   Sophia Landy.

Sophia Landy Equestrian

Top Foda sponsored rider     Sophie Fox - Foxleigh - Sophie Fox Performance Horses

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